Bulk What’s App Marketing


Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Service

No one can deny that WhatsApp has successfully supplanted all other messaging services in the world. It provides a number of unique amenities, which not only enhances its user appeal but also creates a novel opportunity for business marketing and promotion. It quickly rose to the top among the most widely used smartphone applications due to its effectiveness and addictiveness.

WhatsApp Bulk messaging gives you the opportunity to send text, photographs, audio clips, and videos, pdf documents etc of your company's promotions directly to customers. You may make full use of this platform with Bulk SMS Factory to make sure that your marketing initiatives are a success. Your messages can be broadcast instantly with our bulk WhatsApp SMS services, and you will have online access to campaign reports.

What Bulk SMS Factory Does Best?

Account activation within two hours of payment
Flexible plans and packages for all your marketing needs
Beyond your expectations for Reliability & Accessibility

WhatsApp Marketing

We provide you an intuitive web-based platform via which you may transfer video, images, audio, text, and even PDF files.

Detailed marketing report

After each campaign is over, Bulk SMS Factory automatically generates a full report for you to review.

Flexible plans

At Bulk SMS Factory, we are aware that each customer has unique needs and requires a plan that is tailored to meet those needs.

How the WhatsApp marketing service can help you?

To optimize the benefits of your mobile marketing, use this service as a significant differentiation. Create and distribute eye-catching marketing communications that include files, graphics, discount coupons, and customized offers.