Missed Call Alert

Missed Call Alert Service

Sometimes, talking is not even necessary. A missed call is an easy and cost-free approach to contact your consumers.

How can a missed call service improve communication?

The way individuals communicate on the Indian subcontinent is where missed call marketing got its start. This has been used by brands, who cater their response to a straightforward missed call. A missed call may be followed with an SMS, another call, or a mix of the two.

How missed call services function ?

1 Your advertisement or promotion is seen by the customer Customer calls your virtual number they saw on an advertisement.

2 Call rings, then disconnects When a call reaches your virtual number, which is associated with a missed call call flow in your account, it is immediately disconnected.

3 Leads are generated and added to spreadsheets You can export your callers' contact information to a Google spreadsheet.

4 Auto-reply calls or SMS When a missed call comes in to your virtual number, you can have an automatic call back or SMS sent to the consumer to let them know.

Missed call services' benefits:


There is absolutely no cost to the customer. Missed call services boost participation.


Various activities, such as a subsequent call, text message, affirmation, etc., can occur after a missed call.


It is simple and easy to log and analyze each action.

How to employ missed call service in your business?

Simple updates

An SMS alert with the specified information is often sent after a missed call to a virtual phone number. Banking is one sector that has done this flawlessly.

Client confirmation

Missed call alerts is a more effective customer verification method than OTPs. Using a missed call, request that they confirm their phone number.

List opt-in/opt-out

Using missed calls, you can request that clients join or leave your list for promotional campaigns.

Lead generation and registration

This is particularly effective for those without access to internet or other kinds of communication. Their main communication tool is a mobile phone.


Missed call marketing strategies have been most effectively used in media and television shows to foster non-intrusive customer engagement.

Assistance to NGOs

A simple technique for NGOs to gain public support is through missed calls.

Confirmation of COD

Send an SMS including a phone number so that customers can make a missed call to validate their cash on delivery (COD) purchases.

Driving downloads

A missed caller will get an SMS with a link to the app's download after dialing the number. Thus, it minimizes the extra effort that consumers would otherwise have to do to search, find the appropriate program, etc.

Take feedback

It's crucial to close the feedback mechanism with your customers. Missed call marketing initiatives are a simple method to accomplish this.