Transactional Bulk SMS

Why Bulk SMS Factory?

Bulk SMS Factory makes sending transactional SMSs a Child’s play!

Multiple designated routes

  • Once our backend triggers a message, we provide the fastest delivery assurance in the market. alternate routes avoid any routes that are down.

Reporting in real-time

  • With comprehensive analytics, you'll never miss the status of any communication - delivery rates, time, open rates, and more.

Greater dependability

  • 99 percent operator uptimes, which is the best in class.

Affordable prices

  • We will match or beat lower prices if you can provide us with better offers from an existing or potential vendor..

Clearly stated APIs

  • Simple, user-friendly, and adaptable APIs are available for sending SMS from an existing enterprise system in your IT stack.

Best assistance

  • Get the best customer service available via phone, email, and Twitter, 24/7.

How can businesses use Transactional SMS services?

SMS for educational institutions

  • Notify students and parents regarding attendance, fees, and other information.

E-Commerce related SMS

  • Provide your customers with order-related updates, such as order confirmations, order deliveries, and return confirmations.

Important Financial SMS

  • For crucial information like payment transfers, credits, debits, etc., update your client immediately with our services.

Reservation details SMS

  • Send booking instructions by SMS for business events, gas, train, bus, and doctor appointments.

SMS-OTP Verification

  • With the help of our Bulk SMS API, instantly confirm the user's identity.

Retailer chain updates

  • Send pricing modifications frequently to your retailers to keep them engaged and boost conversion.

The benefits of transactional SMS in fostering positive customer interactions

Assurance of delivery 365 days a year

  • Transactional SMS messages can be delivered without issue to DND and non-DND lines thanks to various reliable SMS routes..

Scale and divide as desired

  • Without worrying about distribution restrictions, reach your whole audience or particular consumer groups all at once.

Highly customizable

  • To create trigger & action flows, employ an SMS platform with easy-to-use dashboards.

Simple integrations of the tech stack

  • Integrating an ERP system or order management system is simple with bulk transactional SMS providers. Make business conversations seamless.

Monitoring SMS performance

  • Scheduling or extracting real-time logs of delivery status and open rates allows you to determine the impact of transactional SMSs.

Boost client confidence

  • Transactional SMS is a fantastic tool for obtaining immediate customer feedback and enhancing experiences over time. Utilize that trust to investigate marketing, cross-selling, and up-selling opportunities.

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