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Promotional SMS services that increase the effectiveness of your marketing. Enhance your client's experience, and skyrocket your sales right now as a quick, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution.

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SMS marketing

Select the promotional SMS approach that best serves your company's goals, whether they are for client interaction or bulk SMS marketing.

SMS Response

In order to boost productivity or profitability, companies of all sizes, across all industries and regions, now turn to SMS solutions.

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Make plans so that political parties may quickly engage with a large audience and their supporters.


How can we use Promotional SMS?

Engage your customers by sending SMS with regular offers, promo codes etc.

  • Promote Your Business
  • Promote School and College
  • Send Wishes for Every Occasion
  • Send Marketing SMS
  • Send Political SMS
  • Send Invitation and Marriage SMS
  • Promote your Online Store
  • Send Offers & Discount

SMS Functions

Any business or individual can utilise the marketing SMS services provided by us to advertise or promote a product, brand, or service. The features are given below, to name a few.

Send scheduled SMS

Your SMS text messages can be set to be sent at a specific time and date up to a year in the future.

SMS Transmission to Non-DND Numbers

All NON-DND numbers are sent promotional SMS messages. Marketing messages and promotional offers are sent through promotional SMS.

Time Limit for SMS blast

From 9 am to 9 pm, promotional SMS are distributed. Utilize our platform to send offers and marketing messages and gain immediate deliverability.

SMS from Excel based data

Microsoft Excel may be seamlessly connected with our SMS Excel Plugin to send mass messages.

Messaging for Groups

Services for group SMS are offered by our platform. Online message delivery to several recipients at once is one of the most effective services.

Official Delivery Report

To keep you updated on the progress of the SMS Text messages you've sent, we provide dynamic delivery reports, or CDRs.

Accessible SMS Portal

Our business has created a simple SMS panel. Quick and easy SMS sending with a well-designed user interface. No technical knowledge is required.

Numerous Routes

Our Smart Routing enables you to send your promotional bulk SMS service across the network routes with the least amount of traffic.

Local Language promotion

With the unicode option, you can send bulk SMS messages in national and regional languages like hindi, gujrati, urdu, tamil, and telugu.

Promotional SMS FAQs

What are SMS promotions?

Contacts can choose to get marketing or informational messages. Messages won't be sent to DND numbers unless you send from a DLT permitted header. A promotional account is set up for you by default. According to TRAI regulations, promotional SMS cannot be sent to phone numbers listed in the National Do-Not-Disturb (NDND) registry. In order to update clients about the most recent offers, discounts, and other promotional opportunities, promotional SMS is used.

When should you send SMS advertisements?

Promotional messages are only sent between the hours of 9 AM and 9 PM.

What is a good example of sending promotional SMS?

When sending out promotional SMS, the operator creates the first Sender ID. Numbered digits make up each ID, which is unique (#509700634700).