OTP SMS for Business

Verify and authenticate your users by using SMS OTP services.

OTP service: What is it?

The simplest method for authenticating online transactions and checking user information is the OTP service. An OTP service provider guarantees speedy delivery of OTPs to the appropriate consumers via SMSs. OTPs are used by enterprises to increase data security and avoid phishing attempts.

OTP service operation:

1. Verification demand

A distinct OTP is created in the backend system when a customer clicks the "Verify" button on your website or mobile app.

2. Bulk SMS Factory validation

The generated OTP is retrieved by Bulk SMS Factory and sent to the registered mobile number of your customer.

3. Number is legitimate

Your consumer instantly receives verification when they enter the special OTP issued to them by Bulk SMS Factory on your website or app. Use SMS to provide OTPs to the clients. With great deliverability and minimal delay, Bulk SMS Factory offers dependable OTP SMS services.

How can companies use the OTP service?

2-factor authentication (2FA)

Add an additional layer of security to your systems without confusing your clients.

Prevention of spam

Control spam registrations efficiently and stay away from phony registrations. Make your backend systems spam-resistant and secure.

New Passwords

Use the OTP facility to validate users during password resets rather than emailing codes or links.

No-password logins

Get rid of passwords because you may verify your users with an OTP each time they log into the system.

Reactivations of Accounts

Reactivate a user's account after receiving their confirmed consent. Verify their identity by using OTP verification.

Authentication of Transactions

Keep every transaction secure. OTP verification adds a further degree of protection to guarantee a safe transaction.

Benefits of Utilizing OTP Services:


OTP service provider Bulk SMS Factory expands with you. Never splurge on your resources; pay as you go.

No Wait

Customer wait times shouldn't exceed 8 seconds. The prompt dispatch of OTP message is guaranteed by our OTP service.

Efficiency in Operations

Without needing to run several numbers, send hundreds of OTP verification texts. All of these can be handled by our OTP service!